Skylanders Tech Element

Using Skylanders Tech Element Characters

Weapons of war and destruction, that’s what Skylanders Tech Element is about. Good thing the Skylanders who are using the power of technology are on the side of good, if not it could spell trouble not only for the people of Skyland, but probably even those of Earth! All the characters belonging to the Skylanders […]

Where to Buy Skylanders Characters

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Innovative Gameplay From The Skylanders Life Element

The Life Element is one of the most unique of all the elements in the Skylanders video game. What makes it unique is because of the abilities and techniques of … [Read More...]


Fiery Destruction – Power of the Fire Element

Anyone who possessed the power of fire would surely be scary. Those who had the skill with the flame are said to have pyrotechnics or pyro-kinetic. The latter … [Read More...]

skylanders mega pack

Buying a Skylanders Mega Pack

At this time of the year, it is hard to say where to find an available Skylanders Mega Pack. Since last year’s Christmas, this game known as the Skylanders Spyro Adventure has caught the gamers’ attention and its demand has soared. As a matter of fact, it’s already hard to find a store that is […]


Easy Start Up with

Computer games have been a huge part of modern technology especially with the rise of consoles like PS3,Nintendo Wii and Xbox. With these, there have been a lot of games available for kids and kids-at-heart. One of the unique games you could enjoy is Skylanders Adventures. You need to have physical toy pieces at hand, […]

Skylanders Review

skylanders reviewHere is a first hand Skylanders review and most of what you need to know to be considered cool with your kids, grandkids or friends.

The game itself is better known as Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.

The game has become incredibly popular and hard to find in stores as of this past 2011 Christmas season. I say game but it is much more than just a video game.

I will walk you through how it works, it is quite impressive what Activision has put together to create such an exciting game.

Where to start? First know that the game itself can be played on either Playstation, Xbox or the Nintendo Wii. Be sure to purchase the game that works on your platform.

The video game has characters much like any other game. The twist is that each character in the game has a physical figurine that you can touch and feel.

[ ... more here ]

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