Skylanders Sunburn

This is not something you want when you go to the beach however the Skylander Sunburn is great for the game. As a fire element he was born in a volcano.

This is not exactly another dragon but a mix between a dragon and a phoenix. Sunburn has an incredible ability, he can teleport. Many of the Skylanders enemies try to capture Sunburn and wish to unlock the secrets to his power of teleportation.

He wants to help the Skylanders defend against evil while also protecting himself. This guy is one of the most sought after creatures in the Skylands.

Skylanders Sunburn

Sunburn Stats
Sunburn is a blast and the fire he can shoot from his mouth is quite impressive.

Defensive Power : 65
A phoenix dragon that has a decent defensive power and the ability to teleport can keep away from everyone.

Strength : 60
He is strong but we are not sure how much strength is needed with his fire breathing and teleportation.

Luck : 70
Considering his abilities it is amazing he has such luck, but luck can never hurt.

Agility : 65
This is a decent agility but probably warranted for a flying dragon phoenix.

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