Skylanders Voodood

Voodood is one of the scariest looking Skylanders available. Every one has a story and his is very interesting. While he wears a dragon skull as a helmet he is actually an orc.

If you look closely you can see his eyes under the dragon skull. The story goes that he entered a cave as part of his rite of passage. He found the skeleton of a dragon which had an axe in it.

He came out of the cave wearing the dragon’s skull as a helmet and yielding the axe known as the Axe Reaver. Voodood became the leader of the orcs in that area.

Voodood began to defend the area from all sorts of beasts and other invaders. Eventually he became a Skylander and the Skylander Voodood was born.

Skylanders Voodood

Voodood Power Stats
This is one big scary Skylander. He is agile, an Orc, and very strong. Good news for those trying to escape his axe is that he does not have a lot of luck.

Defensive Power : 50
Some of the biggest Skylanders do not need an amazing defense. However it does help if those with low defense also have weapons that allow them to shoot from a distance.

Strength : 75
Here is where the Voodood becomes an amazing dude and is very strong. So he has an axe in his hand and amazing strength, you may want to get out of his way.

Luck : 35
Not a lot of luck but very strong. Whether he hits very often or not may not matter with that kind of strength.

Agility : 60
An agile orc sounds like an oxymoron. But this orc is agile and strong, not lucky but give him a try.

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