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Here is a list of where you can buy everything Skylanders. From individual figures, character packs, adventure packs, starter packs, mega packs and anything related.

Buy Skylanders Online both New and Used
I have listed all the places I could find to obtain anything and everything. Amazon lists their products for sale and those of other companies, eBay lists the products of sellers which are sometimes new in box, rarely used, or used. Wal-mart has new items and so does Best Buy. Both Walmart and Best Buy allow you to purchase the items online and pick up the item at your local store. Also, the benefit of looking at eBay is to find Skylanders that you may have missing or broken as sometimes people sell parts of the game such as a particular power or even the portal of power.

Amazon: See Inventory at Amazon Here
At Amazon you can view what is in stock from Amazon and other companies, yielding the largest selection.

eBay: See Inventory at eBay Here
At eBay you can find items from many sellers.

Best Buy: See Inventory at Best Buy Here
You can buy online and have it shipped or you can buy online and pickup at your local Best Buy store.

Wal-Mart: See Inventory at Walmart Here
You can buy online and pickup in store or you can choose to have it shipped to you, often they have free shipping.
at walmart


There are a total of 32 different characters. What you should note is that they are not all available. Some are not yet offered for sale. They decided to slowly release the figures over time. This is a great idea, in my opinion, as it generates anticipation with the game audience. Here is a list of the characters and a link to more information on each as well as the current inventory of various sites selling them.


Hopefully this list will allow you to find what you are looking for. The above list is comprehensive. Note that when you look at a character you also see their characteristics. They are Strength, Agility, Defense and Luck. Each one has a number from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best. This gives you an idea of their abilities. Also, you can look at their type to figure out where to use them in the game. For example, in the game you may need a character of type Fire Element. In that case you will have one of four to choose from. Lastly pay attention to their attack powers. Some are better for long range fighting than others and you may need them for certain battles, and vice versa.

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