Where to Get Skylanders Giants

What are Skylanders Giants?
First let me explain Skylanders in a nut shell. The game named Skylanders Spyros Adventure has three parts to it. First the video game, secondly what is known as the portal of power which is a round platform that connects to your game machine, and lastly what most people call the Skylanders which are figurines or characters. The figures are placed onto the portal and then they appear in the game. Here is a more detailed Skylanders review which explains how the game works.

Now fast forward to the latest version of the game known as Skylanders Giants. Essentially they came out with a new video game and additional characters which are Giants and larger than the current characters.

What You Need for Skylanders Giants
More below on how to get started if you do not already have Skylanders or if you do, do not worry if you do as you do not need to repurchase everything.

If you already have Skylanders You Need the Following
The good news is twofold. You will need to purchase the new game named Skylanders Giants however your current figures will continue to work with the current game and so will your portal of power. If you want, you can also buy some of the new Giant figures to also use in the game. You can get started by purchasing what is known as the Portal Owners pack seen in the picture on the right.

The Portal Owners Pack comes with a Skylander Giant as well as the latest software, a chart and more. If you already have characters and the portal then this is a good way to get started.

If you DO NOT already have Skylanders You Need the Following
Basically you need everything. I am not trying to be funny, however you need at least one character, the game, and the portal of power. Luckily they bundle them all together so you can purchase them all at once. Below we have our favorite places to obtain the bundle or the individual pieces.

Where to Get Skylanders Giants
You can buy them at multiple places online, we have a page with a link to the Skylanders on the most popular sites on our page to buy skylanders online found there.

Amazon: See Inventory at Amazon Here
At Amazon you can view what is in stock from Amazon and other companies, yielding the largest selection.

eBay: See Inventory at eBay Here
At eBay you can find items from many sellers.

Giants Video
Here is a video about the Skylanders Giants so you can get an idea of what they are.

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